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GÉANT IaaS Cloud



IaaS Cloud services through an european framework agreement by GÉANT.

GÉANT has established framework agreements with suppliers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions on behalf of NRENs and member institutions, in order to enable the use a portfolio of IaaS cloud solutions in an easy, safe, predictable and controlled way by R&E institutes.
Services are connected to the GÉANT and NREN networks and are compatible with the community’s Identity Management capabilities. The IaaS Framework portfolio of services provides standardized contract terms to be used by NRENs to bring to their client institutions, without the need to open individual tenders.


Suppliers qualified administratively, ready to sign the SCF- Service Commencement Form and ready to sell & supply in Portugal:

Amazon Offer (AWS):
Microsoft Offer (MS):
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Original Infrastructure Providers (OIP):

Who can use?


The framework agreement is available to RCTS entities listed who confirmed their accession to the purchasing process


Service contacts:  Geantcloud@fccn.pt

From this contact you can get more specific contacts from suppliers qualified for Portugal.

Document yourself on the solutions available, and pick the one (or several) more suited to your needs.

To realize a purchase contract, ask FCCN for the relevant official documents.

You can purchase on 2 alternative models:

  • Direct award – pick an offer from the proposals qualified on the framework
  • Mini-competition – further your own requirements and do a competitive process

Both processes need to be conducted under the legislation of the country where the framework originated. However, any litigation that may emerge, after your purchase contract is signed, can be conducted on you own jurisdiction.