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IPv6 Test




IPv6 technology, also known as the new generation Internet protocol, is one of the areas in which FCCN has had significant activity for several years.

As a result, FCCN has developed the Science, Technology and Society Network, the RCTS, in order for all Internet services to support and operate with both technologies – IPv4 and IPv6, having been one of the first to do so with international connectivity through the European GÉANT network.

In GigaPIX, RCTS also provides IPv6 to all operators who wish to peer with this technology.


To check if you have IPv6 internet access, FCCN provides a test IP address. You will only be able to see the content of this page if you access it via IPv6.

If you are using IPv4, you won’t obtain any result when attempting to access the website.

If you can see the webpage, then you are using IPv6. If the protocol in use is IPv4, the test result will be an error page.


Imagem IPv6