horizon2020 FCCN Computing Unit

Identification and framework

Acronym: BELLA-S1
Project Title: BELLA-S1 Building Europe Link with Latin America - BELLA-S1
Grant Agreement: 731505 - BELLA-S1 - H2020-Adhoc-2014-20/H2020-Adhoc-2014-20
Start Date: 29-11-2016
End Date : 31-12-2021
Approved amount : 13,679 €
Executed amount as of 31/12/2020: 10,133 €

Project Overview

The BELLA Programme addresses the long-term interconnectivity needs of the European and Latin American research and education communities, achieved through two projects: BELLA-S, which secures spectrum rights on the EllaLink submarine cable and ensures "future-proof" connectivity requirements; and BELLA-T, which provides for the completion of fibre connectivity for advanced Latin American networks - bringing much-needed high-speed connectivity and equal access to research and education communities across the continent.

By co-investing in the private companies responsible for implementing the submarine cable, it will be possible to ensure that a large infrastructure capacity will be earmarked for the use of academia and non-profit organisations in Europe and Latin America

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