A European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a European Union initiative that aims to provide an infrastructure and services to enable European scientists to store, share and reuse research data. The EOSC will be built on existing infrastructures in Europe. EOSC has the potential to revolutionize the way research is done in Europe. It will allow scientists to share data more easily and efficiently, which will lead to new discoveries and innovations.

EOSC also aims to help make science more accessible to the public, enabling people to learn more about scientific processes and the data that underpins them. The governance of the EOSC partnership falls under the joint remit of the EC and the EOSC Association (EOSC-A), whose mission is to ensure that the objectives agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding, signed by the EC and EOSC-A, are met.

EOSC-A also has the task of coordinating the creation of the EOSC ecosystem, which is the result of a joint effort by the various Member States and Associated Countries.

FCT's action within the EOSC partnership is aligned in three areas:


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