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1. identification and framework

  • Acronym: FCT PORTAL
  • Project Title: Creation of a Single FCT Portal
  • Project No. 35436
  • OperationalProgramme: Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme
  • Intervention typology: IT 50 - Promotion of ICT in public administration and services
  • Start date: 10-04-2019
  • End Date: 08-04-2022
  • Amount approved: 468,930
  • Value executed: 420,320.83

2. Project Summary


This project is inserted in the "Simplex+ 2017 #118 - Single portal of the Foundation for Science and Technology", under the MCTES Measures (Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education), and the application is framed in the "Alignment with Measure 2 of the RCM No. 12/2012 - Rationalization, organization and management of the IT function", in "Alignment with Measure 14 of RCM No. 12/2012 - Rationalization of ICT and administrative modernization within public bodies" and in "Demonstration of compliance with the RNID - National Digital Interoperability Regulation (Open Standards)". It is also framed within the objective and priority, under the terms of Article 82 of the RECI, "Reducing context costs by strengthening the availability and promoting the use of networked services of the Public Administration and improving its efficiency"; in Article 83(1)(b) of the RECI "ii. Development and integration of systems and technological infrastructures to support new models of service, in particular assisted digital service, including back office and second line support systems, as well as the integration of these systems and technological infrastructures with those existing in the different sectorial areas and levels of administration".

The object of this project is to create an FCT Single Portal that is structured, functional, with an appealing and modern design, that has an integrated backoffice, that is simple to use and accessible for the provision of information and content without the need for major IT intervention.

The proposed objectives were achieved, overall, and a new portal was made available, with a revised information architecture, aligned with the needs of the target population whose suitability was validated in tests with users.

The new graphic design of the portal is modern, appealing, avant-garde and provides a good user experience on mobile devices - namely tablets and smartphones - which have become ubiquitous and increasingly important in accessing online content. The new graphics of the FCT portal, in tests with users carried out internally, showed a high level of usability, being intuitive and easy to learn and in the upper percentile of the SUS scale.

The content management platform (CMS) implemented allowed, in a very fast way, access to new collaborators, making the production of content more decentralized, less complex and reducing the dependence on IT services. At the same time, the new CMS has made it possible to implement an effective editorial flow (writing, revision, editing and approval of content) that allows the Communication Office team to work more autonomously and diligently.

This project, due to its transversality, presented itself as a highly complex organizational challenge due to the need for articulation among the various FCT organic units, but we believe that its materialization will have a growing and progressive impact on the relationship with the community.

The degree of innovation of the project is related to the significant modernization of the FCT portal, the main channel of communication between the recipient and the national scientific community, in all its dimensions: from the significant improvement of the entire information architecture, digital implementation of a new brand communication strategy, compatibility with mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) and integration of information with the FCT Information Systems (IS).

The new FCT portal includes access to the myFCT platform where it is possible to fill out and submit applications, among other aspects of the "life cycle" of the main funding instruments made available by FCT to the scientific community.

The dematerialization of the main processes related to the life cycle of an application and/or funding, makes the execution of the processes more diligent and, by speeding up access to them through the elimination of barriers of a geographical nature, has a significant impact on the relationship with the citizen. These factors have a tremendous impact on the beneficiaries' relationship with the Public Administration. By its nature, this project promotes permanent communication and cooperation with public entities such as universities, polytechnics, state laboratories, research units, international counterparts and funding entities for science and technology. It also interacts with other platforms such as CIÊNCIAID and CIÊNCIAVitae, enhancing interoperability between systems.

Project Location

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  • Lisbon: 100%.
  • Alentejo: 0%.
  • Algarve: 0%.

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