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FCT Participation in other entities within the scope of FCCN.

Non-profit associations established in Portugal:



The association DNS.PT succeeded FCCN as the entity responsible for the management, registration, and maintenance of TLD (Top Level Domain) .pt, the top domain in Portugal.


It was founded by FCT, IP – Foundation for Science and Technology, The Portuguese Association of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising, the Portuguese Consumer Protection Association and the representative of IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) as the organization responsible for the ccTLD.pt delegation.



BAD – Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentarists was founded in 1973 to promote research in documentary information systems.


FCT participates, within the framework of the FCCN Unit, and is of particular importance for the proper functioning of services such as online library services, archives, and scientific repositories.



INCD – National Distributed Computing Infrastructure provides computing and storage services to the national academic and scientific community.


The FCCN Unit provides the physical space for INCD activities – GRID Room – and provides the necessary connectivity for efficient service operation, via RCTS – The Science, Technology and Society Network.

Non-profit associations established abroad:



RIPE-NCC’s mission is to register and reserve blocks of IP addresses within its geographical area of operation, in Europe, Middle East and some parts of Central Asia.


The FCCN Unit maintains a close collaboration and participation with RIPE-NCC to ensure the effectiveness of ipv4, ipv6, and ASN (Autonomous System Numbers) records.



GÉANT is the “meeting point” of the several European NRENs. Founded in 2000, GÉANT connects 50 million users spread across Europe in over 10 thousand institutions.


The FCCN Unit has been part of GÉANT from the beginning.



Euro-IX – European Internet Exchange Association is an association with the mission of centralizing and exchanging traffic via connection to 80 IPx (Internet Exchange Points) worldwide.


The FCCN Unit is one of the effective members of this organization, through GigaPIX, the national traffic exchange point.



INHOPE – International Association of Internet Hotlines – is a collaborative network comprised of 51 help lines in 45 countries around the world, with the objective of eliminating illegal Internet content.


Through the Alert Line and Help Line, the FCT and FCCN Units are part of this international network for combatting criminal activity and child abuse on the Internet.



COAR – Confederation of Open Access Repositories – is an international association comprising 100 members from around the world and is a key player in the scientific repositories community.


The FCCN Unit participates in and is a member of COAR as the entity responsible for RCAAP – Scientific Open Access Repository of Portugal, which includes the PTCRIS ecosystem.

Entities with other legal remits:

FIRST – US North Carolina not-for-profit corporation


FIRST – Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams – established in 1989 in the United States, with the mission of building incident response and internet security teams worldwide.


The FCCN Unit participates through the activities of the RCTS Computer Security Incident Service (CERT RCTS).

ORCID – US Delaware nonstock corporation


ORCID – Open Researcher and Contributor ID – aims to promote the allocation of individual unique identifiers to everyone involved in scientific and academic research.


The FCCN Unit participates directly in ORCID, important for the efficient operation of research and support services, particularly PTCRIS.

LYRASIS + DURASPACE – US New York not-for-profit corporation


LYRASIS + DURASPACE is a New York association that provides open source software which RCAAP – Scientific Repositories of Open Access in Portugal – uses to provide electronic output management services. These electronic services are part of the PTCRIS ecosystem.

LYRASIS + DURASPACE’s mission is to lead and innovate through leadership in open technologies for digital data access.

COUNTER – UK not-for-profit company


COUNTER – Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources – is a United Kingdom-based association that defines protocols and standards for the consistent and normalized measurement of electronic resource usage.


FCT – FCCN Unit participates in COUNTER, and it is of particular importance for b-on.

CASRAI – Canada Ottava not-for-profit corporation


CASRAI – Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information – is the entity responsible for the data/interoperability rules dictionary used in the PTCRIS ecosystem.


CASRAI is a non-profit organization that develops regulations and standards. Its objective is to ensure interoperability between science and technology management systems.