Finishing his master's degree in Information Systems Management, Marcelo Mattos joined the unit in August to work as an intern in the Transmission and Operations team. FCCNto work as an intern in the Transmission and Operations team. In the same month, Umeima Mahomed, a final year student in Data Science at ISCTE, joined the Network Services/Digital Identity Service area. Now that the internship is over, the two of them have given their opinions on the experience.  

A positive first impression of FCCN was shared by both young people even before they started their internships. Umeima found "a welcoming environment and people willing to help", which made her feel welcome from day one. Marcelo also highlighted the staff he met, recognizing them as highly intellectual.  

As for what they liked best, Marcelo mentions the team's great commitment and what he learned from doing dynamic, multicultural work. Umeima highlighted the autonomy she was given and the technical and soft skills she developed. 

Marcelo and Umeima also stress that interning at FCCN is a beneficial challenge for other students, and that this opportunity "provides a connection with the real world and offers a glimpse of what awaits them after academic life", according to Umeima.  

To close their time at the unit, they also left a special message. "I would like to express my deep gratitude to FCCN for the support, guidance and opportunities. It's been an enriching experience, which I'll treasure," said Umeima. Marcelo, meanwhile, addressed the future trainees, saying that "at FCCN you will find a relaxed atmosphere, with empathetic bosses". 

FCCN has professional opportunities in its various areas and services. If you would like to take on this challenge, you can find out about the open positions on the website.  

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