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RCTS Certificates

RCTS Certificados


RCTS Certificates is the service that ensures the supply of several types of digital certificates to the entities connected to RCTS.
This service promotes the security, authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of information sent and received via the Internet.

FCCN guarantees this service through the TCS (Trusted Certificate Service), provided by the GÉANT Association.


The RCTS Certificates service offers higher education and research institutions a unique portal for issuing the following types of digital certificates:

Server Certificates:  a server with a recognized certificate ensures that the website is trustworthy and safe by creating an encrypted channel between a web server and a browser.

Personal Certificates: Certificates that identify the user as an element of an institution, that can be used to sign and encrypt e-mail messages or to sign documents.

GRID Certificates (Personal and Server): Used to allow access to GRID infrastructures.

Code signature: Certificates that provide signatures for code and applications, ensuring their origin, integrity and security.

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Imagem RCTS Certificados


The RCTS Certificates service is available to students, teachers and employees of entities connected to RCTS.

Visit the RCTS Certificates webpage for more technical information about the service.


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