Last September, the 14th Lusophone Open Science Conference was held at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN - Natal, Brazil), in partnership with the Documentation and Library Services of the University of Minho (USDB), the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT).

ConfOA aims to bring together the communities of Portuguese-speaking countries that carry out research, development, service management and policy definition activities related to Open Science in all its aspects, namely Open Access to Scientific Information and Research Data. Thus, ConfOA assumes itself as the privileged space to promote the sharing, discussion and dissemination of knowledge, practices and research on these themes, in all its dimensions and perspectives.

In order to promote its generalization in the community, ConfOA adopts good Open Science practices, namely: open peer review; the requirement that research data used in the papers be made available and submitted in parallel with the proposal; the use of persistent author identifiers and the assignment of persistent identifiers to accepted and published papers.

The growing maturity and scope of the topics covered is becoming more and more noticeable, without neglecting the event's thematic history and the continuity of the Open Science purpose. The next edition of ConfOA will be held in Porto in 2024. You can review this year's presentations at:

ConfOA 2023 in numbers

Some 277 participants attended the four-day conference.

The event offered guests a program full of activities and content:

  • 49 posters
  • 25 pechas kuchas
  • 14 communications
  • 3 workshops
  • 3 demos
  • 2 panels
  • 2 international guests

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