has launched innovative complementary services useful for organizations to optimize their operations. The new version of, called "Helios", was launched on November 13th and includes developments in Arquivo404 and CitationSaver.

File404 with new methods for defining time intervals

Arquivo404 is a service that presents website users with links to archived versions, instead of laconic "Page not found" error messages. Sometimes it is necessary to specify which correct version of an archived page should be displayed. For example, the domain of a website may have belonged to another entity in the past and you want only the archived versions to be shown since the website came under its current owners.

To this end, 3 new methods for configuring File404 have been launched:

  • setMinimumDate(minDate : Date) - specifies the earliest date of the archived version of the URL that can be displayed.
  • setMaximumDate(maxDate : Date) - specifies the latest date of the archived version of the URL that can be displayed.
  • setMostRelevantMemento(criterion : 'oldest' | 'most-recent') - specifies the order of the results of the archived versions that were retrieved from the web archive. By default, the oldest is displayed.

Archive404 now allows you to define whether to show the user the oldest or most recent archived page within a given time interval.

CitationSaver processes HTML documents

CitationSaver is a service that extracts citations from documents to online resources and archives them. This service is particularly useful for maintaining the integrity of scientific articles and the reproducibility of the experiments and studies described in them.

Many open access articles are published in hypertext format (HMTL). CitationSaver now processes documents in HTML format, in addition to PDF and TXT formats. If a user finds an article on the web that contains citations to online resources, all they have to do is enter the address of the article's page in CitationSaver. The URLs will be extracted and archived so that they are not lost.

SciELO fccn FCCN Computing Unit
Example of an article from the Journal of Integrated Coastal Management, available on SciELO
Citation Saver fccn FCCN Computing Unit
Example of entering the article page address in CitationSaver

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