The 15th edition of Jornadas FCCN - the largest annual meeting of the higher education and research community - which will take place from April 15 to 17 in Madeira, has the close support of ARDITI, the Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation.  

Rui Caldeira, chairman of ARDITI's Board of Directors, spoke to us about the organization's role in these Jornadas FCCN 2024. He shared his opinion on the importance of this event for the academic community and discussed the impact it could have on the island of Madeira.  

  • What motivated ARDITI to join FCCN in organizing the Jornadas FCCN 2024 in Madeira?  

ARDITI's mission is to promote scientific excellence and innovation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. The association with FCCN to hold these Conferences is a natural extension of our commitment to promoting and integrating the regional community into the national and international science and technology scene.  

The Jornadas FCCN are also in line with our objectives, as they provide an interdisciplinary platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences, which is essential for advancing science and technology in the region. It is also an opportunity to highlight the research and innovation developed in Madeira and foster inter-institutional collaboration. 

  • What role will ARDITI play in this edition of the Days? 

ARDITI will be the regional partner in organizing and running the conference. We will also contribute insights and experiences from our work in Madeira. Finally, ARDITI will ensure that each participant discovers the region and its traditions by organizing various initiatives throughout the event

  • What are your expectations for this edition?

We hope that this edition will strengthen collaboration networks and highlight the importance of technological innovation, acting as a catalyst for scientific and technological development in Madeira. We also hope that it will be an event that promotes scientific excellence and technological innovation in Madeira. 

  • What impact is this event expected to have on the region? 

We anticipate a positive impact, both academically and economically, highlighting Madeira as a 'Lighthouse' for science and innovation in Europe. 

  • What is the relevance of these days for the academic and research community? 

The Days are an opportunity because they provide a forum for disseminating knowledge, for forming strategic partnerships and for promoting innovation at national and international level.  

It is also worth emphasizing the importance of events like the Jornadas FCCN in promoting dialogue and collaboration between groups that would otherwise never get together to exchange ideas. 

  • How will the region be represented at the event? 

Madeira will be represented through the inclusion of sessions and presentations that reflect the projects under development in the region, showing its active and innovative role in the national panorama of science, technology and innovation. 

Those interested in attending this meeting can still register! During the three days of the event, participants will be able to contribute to moments of knowledge sharing, debates, not to mention social and cultural activities.  

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