The finalist projects for the 8th edition of the Portugal Digital Awards are now known and the project is among those chosen.

The Portugal Digital Awards aim to showcase and reward initiatives that pave the way for a better future, that enable positive change in society, innovative, creative and forward-thinking ideas that inspire and make you believe that it is always possible to do more and better. This year's winners will be announced on November 29th.

This is a joint initiative between Axians and IDC, which aims to recognize and reward the excellence of organizations, their teams and business leaders who lead the digital transformation of their businesses, processes, products or services and, consequently, of today's society.

Candidates compete in one of three categories: Digital Transformation Awards, Digital Industry Awards and Digital Grand Awards. The evaluation criteria include, for example, the impact of the digital transformation on the business and the level of technological innovation applied by the candidate companies.

Developed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, through its Unit FCCN, this project is recognized for its innovative character and for contributing to and facilitating research and fast, secure access to historical information preserved on the Web since the 90s. preserves 17 billion files collected from websites in various languages (around half of its users come from outside Portugal). Periodically, the system automatically collects and stores information published on the Web. The preservation workflow is carried out through a large-scale distributed information system housed in its own data center and the system's software was developed and is operated by the team. offers a catalog of innovative digital preservation services that are unique in the world, such as the temporal search for historical web pages and images, the archive404 that redirects broken links to archived versions of web pages or the Memorial that preserves historical websites.

This year, the official presentation of the projects at the IDC Future of Digital Innovation took place at the Centro Cultural de Belém on November 9, 2023.

Watch the official presentation of the project at the IDC Future of Digital Innovation 2023 in the following video:

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