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From October 24 to 28, the FCCN Open Week was held - an initiative that took about 250 students to get to know the facilities and infrastructures of the FCCN Unit. Ana Afonso, from the Marketing & Communication Office of the FCCN Unit, explains which objectives were met, stressing the impact of these actions: "The study visits are a great pedagogical tool for teachers and students.

In 2019 we started the Open Week project, bringing high school or professional students to the FCCN Unit, so that they could learn more about our activity and mission, as well as the associated projects and professions. The pandemic interrupted this activity, leading to the realization of an online edition in 2021. 

In October 2022, it was possible to return to face-to-face study visits, which we organized and accompanied with pleasure. Besides a general presentation about the FCCN Unit and its services dedicated to students in 2022, the Open Week included a visit to the FCCN Datacenter and the FCCN Studio

I've always thought that field trips are a great pedagogical tool for teachers and students. They are not only an important complement to the school curriculum, but also, in many cases, allow the consolidation of learning done in the classroom context. I believe that these "non-formal" educational contexts are excellent spaces for the acquisition and assimilation of interests and knowledge.

During the visits of the Open Week 2022, I noticed that even the visitors who arrived with more trepidation left the visit surrendered to the impressive Datacenter room and excited with the activities they could do in our Studio. Between filming tests with virtual and teleprompter scenarios, and audio-only recordings/plays, the visits had room for knowledge, experimentation, fun and good learning

The World of Professions

The FCCN Unit defines as another objective of this initiative to bring students "more information about the qualifications and career paths in the areas of ICT" (Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies). As such, the daily program of the Open Week also included, in all visits, a sharing, by several workers of the FCCN Unit, about their professional and academic paths and also about their experiences as university students and the transition to professional life. 

Through these moments of interaction, students had the opportunity to learn more about careers in ICT, clearing up some doubts. Our expectation is that the knowledge of these realities can motivate students and also be a guide to their future.   

After about 250 students from six different schools have passed by the FCCN Unit, I think that the Open Week has fully met its objectives. This success would not have been possible without the professionalism and availability of several FCCN employees, who managed to fit into their schedules the participation in these visits, making our work known to everyone. To them and to them, here is my gratitude!

Open Week
Ricardo Dias, Technical Room Management Technician, FCCN Application Infrastructures Area, prepares a group to enter the Datacenter.
IMG 3242 FCCN Computation Unit
João Santos, Multimedia Services Technician - Advanced Services Area, explains to a group how the Teleprompter works (@ FCCN Studio)

Next year, we will hold a new edition of Open Week, with more high school and professional students having the opportunity to get to know us better, in the hope that we can also have a positive impact on their future lives as university students. 

For a small preview of Open Week, watch the video:

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