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Arquivo.pt preserves archived information from the Web since 1996.

Arquivo.pt is used to search and access Web pages preserved since 1996.

Every day millions of pages are published on the Web. However, 80% of this information disappears 1 year after its publication and becomes inaccessible.

Who is it intended for?

  • Arquivo.pt is a public service, free and of free access to all Web users

About Arquivo.pt

Periodically, Arquivo.pt collects and stores information published on the Web.

This information is then processed to make it searchable and accessible. This preservation process is carried out automatically through a computer system.

Arquivo.pt preserves information published on the Web of interest to the Portuguese community, and distinguishes itself by allowing to search and retrieve information from old sites.


Archive.pt's Memorial

There are websites that are no longer updated but are kept online because they provide important information, such as websites of completed projects.

Some organizations find themselves having to invest significant resources to keep online a large number of websites whose maintenance costs increase over time due to the obsolescence of the technologies that support them and which, very often, cause dangerous security vulnerabilities.

The Archive.pt Memorial service offers a high-quality preservation of the contents of websites that are no longer updated with the possibility of maintaining the original domain.

If you wish to submit your site to the Archive.pt Memorial, please contact the Archive.pt team.

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