Safe online shopping is especially important during sales and promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To ensure this, unidade FCCN gives you some tips to ensure that your transactions are carried out safely.
#1 Keep a record of all the steps

The best way to protect yourself starts with creating, recording and storing evidence of all the steps you take. By saving confirmation emails, impressions of pages visited, among other steps, it will be easier to reconstruct the actions, guaranteeing your protection.

#2 Use temporary credit cards

Temporary credit cards are a very useful way of setting limits appropriate to the purchase you're about to make or a limit on the number of times you can use them. Thanks to options such as MB Way, you can use disposable, single-use numbers for each purchase process. 

#3 Compare prices on several sites

Comparing offers from various websites is a good practice, not just from the point of view of financial literacy. If you find an offer far below the market price, you can always be suspicious that this is a strategy to motivate you to engage in fraudulent action.

#4 Confirm the authenticity of the page

A simple but very important step is to check the contact details of the website you want to buy from online, making sure that the data shared is up-to-date and real, especially the tax number. You can also check the company's privacy policy. 

#5 Look for the secure connection certificate

This is a very easy tip to apply. Just check in your browser's address bar if the link is preceded by a padlock. Clicking on this icon will bring up more information about the secure connection certificate and cookie settings, for example.

#6 Avoid public and open networks

It's a very relevant maxim in the world of cybersecurity - using public, unencrypted networks implies specific security vulnerabilities. So when shopping online, always opt for a wireless network you can trust. 

#7 Use devices you trust

The principles applied to Wi-Fi networks also apply to devices. You should avoid shopping online on a public computer, for example, and avoid sharing your devices with other people or leaving them unattended. Don't forget to keep all the software on your device up to date.

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