October is European Cybersecurity Month, the aim of which is to alert people to the risks of failing to protect data and adopting behaviors that make it more difficult to attack digital assets. The Foundation for Science and Technology's FCCN unit is joining in and will be sharing some good practices.  

Protecting digital information, devices and resources such as accounts, files, photos and even money. This is the main objective of the cybersecurity area which, during the month of October, is taking center stage throughout Europe. Throughout the month, the FCCN Unit will be taking part in this initiative coordinated by ENISA and the European Commission, seeking to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity.  

This way, through social networks, the digital community of the FCCN Unit will be able to access information and good practices to adopt in order to guarantee the security of data and devices. This content will be produced by the RCTS CERT team - the cybersecurity service of the national education and science network (RCTS), which protects higher education and research institutions.  

Become a hero! 

In 2023, the FCCN Unit will also join GÉANT's "Become a Cyber Hero" campaign, participating in the dissemination of content, resources and events shared by the European community of national education and research networks.  

This year, the campaign incorporates four axes of action. In addition to sharing cybersecurity tips and best practices, the initiative includesexpert opinions fromthe GÉANT community on how to make education and research more resilient to cybercrime.  

One of the new features in 2023 will be the "Cybercrime for beginners" section, in which weekly episodes will be shared that allow viewers to "get inside the mind of a hacker".  

Finally, the "Become a Cyber Hero" campaign also includes a program of webinars on cybersecurity that focus on specific topics within this area and which will take place on October 5, 12, 19 and 24. Thanks to a collaboration with RedClara, these events will be simultaneously translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.  

To find out more about this GEANT campaign visit: https://connect.geant.org/2023/09/28/the-geant-cybersecurity-month-2023-campaign-is-here 


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