The initiative honors the most innovative works that use the information preserved on Anyone interested can register until May 6. 

Applications are now open for the 7th edition of the Prize. The challenge consists of submitting a work, done individually or in groups, on any topic, with as the main source of information.
This initiative is open to all interested parties. Professionals, students, researchers or even just citizens can travel back in time and submit their application until May 6, 2024. The project submitted must be accompanied by a text and a short video describing what has been achieved. 

Three prizes: €15,000 

The 1st place winner will receive a prize of €10,000 and the runner-up will receive €3,000. Third place on the podium will be awarded €2,000. 

In this edition, three honorable mentions will also be awarded. The first will be awarded by the initiative's media partner , the newspaper Público , to works focusing on content from this publication preserved on  

The Aveiro Media Competence Center (AMCC) consortium will also award an honorable mention, this time to projects on Portuguese online media. Finally, the Association (.PT) will award teachers who encourage students to do work using  

The initiative has the high patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic. Award over the years  

Since 2018, the year of the first edition, the Award has had 168 entries and has led to the creation of dozens of use cases, studies and applications in various areas of knowledge.  

The initiative also distributed a total of €90,000 and awarded 21 prizes. In 2023, the winner was the project "Viajar no tempo sobre carris", an online platform that analyzes and presents the evolution of train travel times in Portugal, based on the timetables preserved on See the winners of the last edition of the Prize here

All the information about the Prize 2024 is available at

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