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Science and Education at high speed

RCTS IP is the data communication service that connects education and science entities to the global Internet, which includes knowledge networks such as the European academic network, GÉANT, or the Spanish network, RedIRIS.

The connection to the GÉANT network also ensures access to academic networks on other continents, including RedClara (Latin America), TEIN (Asia and Pacific), Internet2 (North America) and the UbuntuNET Alliance (Eastern and Southern Africa).

Who is it intended for?

Institutions can join the RCTS IP service:


The RCTS IP service covers an access rate range from 1Gbit/s to 100Gbit/s, supporting IP protocol versions v4 and v6, in Unicast and Multicast, with several redundancy levels.

It is on the RCTS IP service that all the other services and applications are made available, whether they are collaboration, knowledge, computing or security.

Terms of Use

If you want to know more about the conditions of use of the service please contact us by filling out the form below.

If your entity is part of the academic or scientific community and is not yet connected to RCTS, see here how to join and be able to use the RCTS IP service.


netmede anacom fccn

Until January 2020, FCCN offered the SpeedMeter service, which every month helped thousands of users validate the speeds and status of their internet connections.

With the development of Net.Mede by Anacom, and facing a more advanced and equally independent solution, we decided to recommend NET.mede.



ipv6 fccn

IPv6 technology, also known as next-generation Internet, is one of the areas in which FCCN has been significantly active for several years.

To this end, FCCN has evolved the Science, Technology and Society Network (RCTS) to support all Internet services that work with both IPv4 and IPv6 technologies, and was one of the first to do so with international connectivity through the European GÉANT network.

At GigaPIX, RCTS also makes IPv6 available to all operators who wish to peering with this technology.

IPV6 Test

More about Connectivity


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