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Your Identifier for Science

SCIENCE ID is an authentication and identification system for the national Science ecosystem.

With the CIÊNCIA ID the user can make use of the authentication mechanisms (currently password, Mobile Digital Key, Citizen Card, ORCID and RCTSaai) and identify themselves properly in various services within the scope of Science.

Who is it intended for?

Any Portuguese or foreign citizen involved in the Portuguese scientific system (researchers, teachers, science managers and scientific staff).


CIÊNCIA ID simplifies access to science services, reusing information and reducing bureaucracy. To use CIÊNCIA ID you must register at www.ciencia-id.pt and from that moment you can identify and authenticate yourself in the various services linked to CIÊNCIA ID.

See how to register in the CIÊNCIA ID Tutorial.

There are already several services that use CIÊNCIA ID authentication. To see the services in which you can use your CIÊNCIA ID account, please consult the list of participating services.

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