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Identification and framework

Acronym: EOSC-synergy
Project Title: National Competence Centres in the framework of EuroHPC' - 'EUROCC'
Grant Agreement: 857647 - EOSC-synergy - H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-2020/H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-3
Start Date: 01-09-2019
End Date : 31-03-2022
Approved amount : 98.750 €
Executed amount as of 31/12/2020: 8.598 €

Project Synthesis:

The EOSC Synergy project extends EOSC coordination across nine participating countries, harmonising policies and federating relevant national research e-infrastructures, scientific data and thematic services, bridging the gap between initiatives and EOSCs.

The project introduces new capacities by opening up national thematic services to European access, thereby expanding the EOSC offer in the areas of Environment, Climate Change, Earth Observation and Life Sciences. This will be supported by an expansion of capacity through federation of computing, storage and data resources aligned with EOSC and FAIR policies and practices.

EOSC Synergy builds on the experience of leading research organisations, infrastructure providers, NRENs and user communities from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and France, all of whom are already committed to the EOSC vision and involved in related activities at national and international level. In addition, we will expand the global reach of the EOSC by integrating infrastructure and data providers beyond Europe, promoting international collaboration and opening up new resources to European researchers.

The project will boost the EOSC's state-of-the-art in software and service lifecycle through a quality-driven approach to service integration, which will promote convergence and alignment with EOSC standards and best practices. This will be complemented by the expansion of the EOSC's training and education capabilities, with the introduction of an online platform to enhance the development of EOSC skills and competencies.

The EOSC Synergy project complements the ongoing activities of the EOSC-hub and other related projects by linking national agencies and infrastructures with other future national governance, data and coordination projects.

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