Science Management and Open Science

FAN funding 1 FCCN Computing Unit

Identification and framework

Acronym: Science and Open Science Management
Project Title: Digital Transformation in Research: Science and Open Science Management
Project: POCI-05-5762-FSE-000488
Operational Programme: Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Programme
Type of Intervention: European Social Fund (ESF)
Start Date : 10-03-2021
End Date : 30-09-2023

Amounts Involved

Entity: Foundation for Science and Technology
Eligible: € 824 940,00
ERDF Support: € 469 803,33


  • Financial Execution
    Eligible Executed Budget: €824,939.92 |99.99%
    ERDF support obtained: €469,803.28 |56.95%
  • Operational Execution
    Execution Rate: 100%

Project Overview


The purpose of this project is to reinforce the investment that FCT has been making in recent years in science management (PTCRIS/CIÊNCIAVITAE/CIÊNCIA ID) and more recently in the area of open science, particularly in the management of research data.

The project therefore has the following strategic objectives:  

  • Provision of infrastructures and services to support research management and data.
  • Implementation of a national science and technology funding register (SciPROJ).
  • Implementation of a national register of science and technology outputs.
  • Development of a Business Intelligence system, based on national publication and funding records, to produce indicators to support management processes and decision support.
  • Development of a monitoring system for FCT's open access (OA) policy to promote the policy and its adoption.
  • Monitoring system of the FCT open access policy. FCT has in place a policy of open access to the research results it funds. However, the level of compliance with the policy is low. This activity aims to promote this policy and its adoption, thus increasing the level of compliance and the potential impact of the research funded.

Overall, all the proposed objectives have been achieved, making it possible to provide the national Science and Technology (S&T) ecosystem with new infrastructures and services that are essential both in promoting open science and in supporting science management.

Project Location

  • North: 0%.
  • Center: 0%.
  • Lisbon: 100%.
  • Alentejo: 0%.
  • Algarve: 0%.

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