Accessibility and Usability Statement

A FCCN undertakes to make available the website FCCN, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 83/2018, of 19 October, which transposes Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Parliament and of the Council on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

I. Compliance Status

The website FCCN website FCCN is partially compliant with Decree-Law 83/2018 of October 19.

II. Preparation of this Accessibility and Usability Statement

This statement was updated on 2022-07-06.

According to article 9 of Decree-Law No. 83/2018, the entities shall adopt the following monitoring procedures presented. Procedures A) and B) are mandatory. O procedure C) is recommended.

A. Automatic evaluations carried out

  1. (2022-04-20). Report: Evaluation automatic
    • Tool used: Access Monitor
    • Sample: 46 pages.
    • Main results (summary): A score of 9.9 on the scale of the scale, with the following levels of compliance: 82.6% of the pages are AAA-compliant. level AAA.

B. Manual assessments carried out:

  1. (2022-11-10). Report: Manual Evaluation - Overview of 10 aspects
    • Sample: 24 pages.
    • Main results (heuristics met/total heuristics applied): 16/18
  2. (2022-11-10). Report: Manual Evaluation - Content Overview
    • Sample: 17 pages.
    • Main results (heuristics met/total heuristics applied): 17/17
  3. (2022-11-10). Report: Manual Evaluation - Transaction Overview
    • Sample: 13 pages.
    • Main results (heuristics satisfied/total heuristics applied): 13/13

C. Usability testing with people with disabilities:

The website has not yet been tested with disabled users. users.

III. Contacting and requesting information regarding the website

To contact, send suggestions, make complaints or request additional information regarding the content and/or functionalities onthe website FCCNwebsite, please use the following means:

Electronic Mail

IV. Other evidence

A FCCN did not submit when completing this Declaration, other evidence or efforts to make its website website compliant with the accessibility requirements contained in Decree-Law no. 83/2018, of October 19.

V. Reporting situations of discrimination

According to no. 1 of article 13 of Decree-Law no. 83/2018, of 19 October, whenever a person with a disability is subject to less favorable treatment than that which has been or will be given to another person in a comparable comparable situation, which embodies a practice discriminatory practice against persons with disabilities, provided for and punishable under Article 4 of Law no. 46/2006, of August 28, this person may file a complaint, in accordance with the the provisions of Decree Law nr. 34/2007, of February 15th February 15.

The National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR, I.P.) makes available a form to report situations of discrimination, forwarding complaints to the competent authorities. entities. Each year, the INR, I.P. prepares an annual report on the on the application of the law prohibiting and punishing discrimination on the grounds of disability and the existence of aggravated health risk (Law 46/2006, of 28th 28 August).

This Accessibility and Usability Statement was created with the help of the WAI-Tools EN Generator v1.5, developed under the scope of the WAI-Tools project, of which consortium of which AMA is an integral part. The Declaration was designed in accordance with Decree-Law no. 83/2018, of October 19. October.

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