Access to reliable sources of scientific information is important for the deepening and dissemination of knowledge.

These services include subscriptions to journals, as well as open access platforms that support student, teacher and researcher projects.

Access to most of these services relies on connection to RCTS.

If your academic or scientific entity is not yet part of RCTS, see here how to join.

The Unit FCCN offers a range of services that promote the practice of Open Science - a movement that aims to make scientific research more transparent, accessible and collaborative. This means that research data, methods and results are shared openly so that everyone can reuse them, check their validity and contribute to their development, increasing trust in science and helping to accelerate scientific discovery and innovation.

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We are abreast of technological developments and their potential usefulness to our community.

And we are also attentive to your ideas and suggestions, because our users' needs are our own.

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