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We ensure technology and means for research, for science and for the development of new knowledge, serving a community of students, teachers and researchers.

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What you can do with FCCN services

Create, share, publish, consult, access, remember, communicate...

These are verbs that we easily associate with the services provided by the FCCN Unit, on the RCTS Network, to the scientific and academic community.

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What is the RCTS Network?

The Science, Technology and Society Network (RCTS) is the digital Connectivity and Computing infrastructure, directed to the research and education community.

With it we ensure Communication, Collaboration and the development of new scientific knowledge.

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two hands hold a string of lights against a blue background, in a representation of what it is like to hold new ideas and anticipate what they may become

Innovation in Emerging Technologies Laboratory

We have a responsibility to look at the latest technologies and understand their usefulness to the scientific and academic community.

How can we associate Blockchain to scientific publishing? Use Artificial Intelligence in content validation? Create Augmented Reality for knowledge sharing? These are some of our challenges.

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