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FCCN – Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional

FCCN Highlights

  • GÉANT and CERNET strengthen EU-CHINA collaboration

    GÉANT and CERNET (Chinese NREN) sign MoU to strengthen ICT collaboration at EU-China.
    Over 80 million researchers, academics and students across Europe and China are set to benefit from a new 10Gbps research and education (R&E) internet link.
  • GigaPix celebrates 20 years of existence

    The Portuguese Internet eXchange Point, promoted and managed by FCCN, celebrates 20 years of existence. The continued use of GigaPix over the past two decades and the extreme importance of the role it plays to the Internet in Portugal shows that it is a fundamental pillar of the national Information Society.
  • GÉANT Cloud Services

    The GÉANT cloud activity has engaged extensively with cloud service providers regarding the needs of the European research and education community. One tangible result of this is an online cloud services directory, the GÉANT cloud catalogue.

  • TNC16 - Prague - Call for Proposals

    TNC16 is the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference.
    The theme of TNC16 is 'Building the Internet of People'. The conference will be held from 12-16 June 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, organised by GÉANT and hosted by CESNET, the Czech National Research and Education Network. 
    Proposals for TNC16 will be accepted until 30, November 2015.

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