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We ensure technology and means for research, for science and for the development of new knowledge, serving a community of students, teachers and researchers.

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What you can do with the services FCCN

Create, share, publish, consult, access, remember, communicate...

These are verbs that we easily associate with the services provided by the Unit FCCN, on the RCTS Network, to the scientific and academic community.

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OCRE 2024. New European Framework Agreement for Cloud Services

In 2024, the international tender for the next Pan-European Framework Agreement for cloud services - OCRE 2024 - will begin. The expression of interest period is open until December 19. On December 20, 2023, the Final List of Entities Adhering to OCRE 2024 will be published.

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What is the RCTS Network?

The Science, Technology and Society Network (RCTS) is the digital Connectivity and Computing infrastructure, directed to the research and education community.

With it we ensure Communication, Collaboration and the development of new scientific knowledge.

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