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FCCN – Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional

FCCN Highlights

  • TNC15 still welcoming registrations

    Registrations for TNC15 are open. The largest research and education networking conference will be taking place in Porto, Portugal, between 15-18 June. The preliminary programme is now available from the TNC15 website.
    The new TNC15 blog was also launched. 
    Please note that it is still possible to contribute by submitting posters and lightning talk proposals as well. The deadline for these is 15 April.
  • Educast@fccn Upgrade

    A plataforma Educast@fccn sofreu um importante upgrade que culminou com um novo mecanismo de processamento e transcodificação de vídeos.

  • CNCS: capacidade de reação a ciberincidentes a nível nacional

    O Centro Nacional de Cibersegurança, atingiu a sua capacidade mínima inicial: capacidade de reação a ciberincidentes a nível nacional. Enquanto autoridade nacional em matérias de Cibersegurança, relativamente ao Estado e infraestruturas criticas, assume também as funções de gestão e coordenação nacional de resposta a ciberincidentes, assegurando a coordenação e a cooperação internacional nesta matéria.
  • 10Gbps upgrade on RCTS access to GÉANT

    The RCTS access to the GÉANT Network was upgraded from 10Gbps to 20Gbps. The operation was performed during last February.
    This capacity duplication happened at a time when the RCTS / GÉANT connection reached levels close to its limit, due to high data transfer requirements of specific large-scale international projects.
  • CERT RCTS has a new image

    CERT RCTS ' mission is to contribute and promote the cybersecurity effort within the academic network (RCTs), processing and coordinating the response to incidents and producing warnings and safety recommendations, promoting a safety culture in the network.
  • Advances in Data Science International Workshop and Networking Event

    The conference will take place in the Manor of Mejer at the Recreation and Education Centre of Bialystok University of Technology in Holny Mejera.
    The event is intended to provide experts an opportunity to engage in discussions about research and applications of data science methods. 

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