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See information on the performance of the services provided by FCCN for distance learning purposes, including the number of participants and sessions, accesses by geography, monthly evolution, among others.

In the upper right corner use the calendar option to select the time period of the data and with the cursor in the lower left corner activate the navigation menus and consult the desired information.

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Colibri provides classes for up to 300 students at the same time and Educast is a platform dedicated to the production of audio and multimedia content that allows you to record, edit and publish educational videos.

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NAU allows online courses for large audiences in the Portuguese-speaking community (MOOC) and every day it gains new courses and users.

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The RCAAP Portal is the central component of the Open Access Scientific Repositories of Portugal project and aims to collect, aggregate and index open access (or free access) scientific content in the institutional repositories of national higher education entities and other R&D organisations.


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The RCTSaai service allows people to easily and securely access various cloud services using their own organization's account. RCTSaai offers extra protection on your privacy by sending only a minimal set of personal data to these cloud services.

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RCTS IP is the data communication service that connects education and science entities to the global Internet, which includes knowledge networks such as the European academic network, GÉANT, or the Spanish network, RedIRIS.


GÉANT is an extension of the national research and education networks connected to it and, as such, is also a major destination for communications via RCTS.

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GigaPIX is the Internet Exchange Point promoted and operated by FCCN - an Internet Exchange Point is a neutral point of exchange between different organizations, with the mission of allowing various IP networks to interconnect with each other more efficiently.

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Content updated on 04/04/2024