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Simplification of the processes of management, production and access to information on science

PTCRIS is a programme that aims to promote the integration of the science management systems of the various entities that operate in the academic-scientific ecosystem, in order to comply with the principle "Register once, reuse multiple".

The purpose of the PTCRIS is to develop an integrated and open ecosystem, thus promoting, on the one hand, the removal of bureaucracy and the simplification of administrative processes and, on the other, the production, management and access to reliable, complete and up-to-date data on national scientific activity.

The PTCRIS ecosystem will promote the excellence of science in Portugal, giving it greater visibility among all national and international stakeholders.

Who is it intended for?

  • To all those involved in the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System


PTCRIS aims to facilitate the processes of management, production and access to national scientific information through the development of an open ecosystem of national and international science management systems, from which all agents can easily benefit and contribute, with advantages for all.

In order to achieve its objective, the PTCRIS has two main lines of action:

  1. The development of a normative interoperability framework and the infrastructures that support it (learn more here). 
  2. Promotion of the adoption of the interoperability regulatory framework by entities operating in the academic-scientific ecosystem.

PTCRIS infrastructures/services include:

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