With a view to their conservation, 116 historical websites of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) are now accessible on the service Memorial do Arquivo.pt.  

The aim of this work, which was to keep a faithful representation of this previously published content for the future, was the result of collaboration between those responsible for the websites and the Arquivo.pt team.  

Among the pages now hosted on Arquivo.pt are some from research projects or scientific events. Despite being on the college's servers and their historical content still being of interest to the community, these websites were not updated - which is why they were chosen to migrate to Memorial.

The first page preserved was that of the scientific program MiNEMA. This site stopped being updated in 2009 when the project ended, but the faculty invested resources in its maintenance over the next 10 years.  

Positive impact on resource management 

After integrating the pages into Memorial, FCUL only had to maintain the corresponding domains, since Arquivo.pt now preserves all the information they contained.  

By disconnecting the respective servers, it was possible to save the resources that the Faculty was spending on maintaining the pages, whether in terms of electricity, space or even human resources

Other organizations already using Memorial Arquivo.pt  

In addition to FCUL, the Government IT Network Management Center has already preserved 23 of its websites and the Foundation for Science and Technology a total of 40

Public institutions have priority to benefit from this service. However, other entities can also request it, as long as they own the website domain.  

To find out more about this service, watch this video:  

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