"Cyber Safe Citizen" is the name of the training that starts on February 5.

Reducing exposure to cyberspace risks is the main objective of this 15-hour MOOC. According to the National Cybersecurity Centre, participants will be able to learn more about "the safe and aware use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)".

The course is focused, adds the same source, on the concept of "cyber hygiene", that is, "the set of practices that seek to ensure routines" to maintain "the 'health' [online] of a citizen/collaborator of an organization."

The "Cybersafe Citizen" training is intended for all citizens and is organised in three five-hour thematic modules: Home, Work and Outdoor.

This is the fourth addition to the training offer of the NAU project - the Scientific Computing Unit's initiative to build and operate a technical and operational infrastructure to support the publication and promotion of content in MOOC (Massive Online Courses) format.

Check the entire offer available.

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