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What is it?

The GÉANT Innovation Program is a unique opportunity to leverage the initial development and testing of innovative new ideas.

The GÉANT Association has set aside 300,000 euros to support a GÉANT Innovation Program for specific research projects to be carried out by the GÉANT Community, i.e. NRENs(National Research and Education Networks) that are members of GÉANT, universities, polytechnics, research institutions or other legal entities to which a member of the GÉANT Association - in the case of Portugal, FCCN - provides services.

The call for proposals is intended to finance research projects up to 30 thousand euros, for a duration not exceeding 9 months.

Who is it intended for?

NRENs that are members of the GÉANT Association or legal entities of one of its "linked entities", including universities, polytechnics, research or education institutes or institutions linked to NRENs. All of these are welcome and eligible for funding under this program.

What topics can be considered?

Any topic as long as it is within the mission of the GÉANT Community. Proposals may be in areas such as networking, cloud computing, security, authentication and identity, and education.

Innovative proposals that demonstrate significant scientific or societal and economic impact and create benefits for the European research and education community GÉANT are particularly encouraged. Examples of past innovations developed in the GÉANT Community include widely adopted services such as eduroam, eduVPN and eduMEET.

Funding decisions are based on criteria such as: quality, innovation, potential impact and value for money.

How to apply for the Géant Innovation Program?

  • Download registration documentation: word e pdf
  • Fill in the documents and submit through Indico platform
  • A response will be sent within 5 weeks of submission (or 6 weeks if any clarification is needed in the process).

Application guidelines

Please refer to the GÉANT Innovation Program application guide, available online, including FAQs and a checklist that will help check the applicant's eligibility and thus complete their application.

Read the full script (in English)

Important dates:

  • December 5, 2022 - Opening of applications
  • January 30, 2023- Deadline for submissions
  • February 2023 - Virtual Showcase of Projects Funded in 2022
  • March 2023 - Publication of evaluation results
  • April 2023 - Signing of administrative documentation
  • May to October 2023 - Implementation of the Projects that obtained funding
  • November 2023 - Final Report
  • December 2023 - Showcase of results and invoicing procedures

GÉANT Innovation

Funded Projects

Launched in February 2021, the GÉANT Innovation Program has funded ten projects in the areas of multimedia, networking, authentication&identity, education, cloud, security, and privacy.

Get to know the previously funded projects

In the video below, Claudio Allocchio, Senior Technical Director at GARR and chairman of the GÉANT Community Committee (GCC), talks about the benefits of the GÉANT Innovation Program, what topics are expected, and also provides some tips for innovative candidates.

Recommendations for the application

The guidelines for applicants on the dedicated page should be consulted, FAQs read and the available list checked to ensure eligibility for application and certainty of a flawless application process.

Read the full guide for applicants here


Innovation means adopting new ways to generate new results and increase competitiveness.

We are looking forward to your innovative ideas and suggestions.

If you have an idea to share or any questions about this program, email us your question.

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