Articles by Pedro Silva

My first experience at BlackHat


Written by Pedro Silva - 30 November 2023

Understanding how important it is to be up to date on the latest techniques and methods used by attack teams and threat actors, I was able to attend the BlackHat USA 2023 conference for the first time. read more

Driving the future of Advanced Computing. A female perspective on STEM 

Written by Elana Araújo - March 20, 2024

"As a witness to the rapid transformations in Advanced Computing over the years, it is important to highlight the role played by women in STEM, particularly in Technology" read more

Jornadas FCCN: Filipe Vieira's testimony - IPBeja

13 March 2024

"The Jornadas FCCN are a boost for new technologies in Higher Education Institutions" read more

Jornadas FCCN: Testimony from Susana Lopes - Nova SBE 

23 February 2024

"It's not possible to work in Higher Education without being familiar with the initiatives of FCCN, and at the Days we were able to get a broad view of the various projects." read more

Jornadas FCCN: Pedro Vapi's testimony - University of Coimbra

16 February 2024

"Undeniably one of the most important and remarkable events for the technical academic community." read more

Jornadas FCCN: Testimony from Madalena Carvalho - Universidade Aberta 

09 February 2024

"The Jornadas FCCN are an incentive for innovation. They are a forum of excellence for the dissemination of knowledge, collaboration and discussion of issues relevant to the advancement of science and technology in Portugal." read more

Jornadas FCCN: Testimony from Pedro Inácio - UBI 

30 January 2024

"The Jornadas FCCN are an opportunity to connect and strengthen community spirit, exchange ideas and experience, and provide focused and effective updates on everything that surrounds the infrastructure and technologies that support Higher Education and Science in Portugal." read more

VoIP in Wireshark - where's the problem?


Written by Fábio Cosme - 30 November 2023

Wireshark is an open source tool that allows you to capture and analyze network traffic in real time. It is an important resource for optimizing networks, including VoIP networks. read more

High-speed Internet to accelerate knowledge

Connectivity Knowledge

Written by João Nuno Ferreira - 24 November 2023

Networks play a fundamental role in science and academia. They connect teaching and research institutions and provide digital services that help researchers and students. read more

SIP TRUNK - The telephone channel over IP

Written by Fábio Cosme - 31 October 2023

In the RCTS VoIP network, the term SIP Trunk is often used to refer to the interconnection of our VoIP equipment with operators. read more

Malware attack by e-mail. What it is and how to protect yourself.


Written by João Machado - 19 October 2023

It is crucial to know the threats that can attack your organization and how to mitigate them. One such threat is malware, which often infiltrates organizations through seemingly harmless emails. read more


Written by Pedro Silva, - 07 October 2021

Find out what two FCCN experts suggest to help in the event of a ransomware attack. read more