September 26 marked the first anniversary of the new curriculum management platform. Learn about some of the numbers that mark this year of activity. 

It was 12 months ago that CIÊNCIA VITAE was inaugurated, assuming itself, since then, as the "central element in the ecosystem of information management on scientific and technological activity". On the other hand, this platform also works as a way to modernize the administrative processes that involve sending a CV.

This is because the platform uses curricular data management mechanisms that ensure the principle of information reuse, in direct articulation with Ciência ID.

During this first year of activity, 20,808 curricula created by researchers were registered, with 275,669 new productions and 50,264 new research projects registered in the platform. In total, 12 856 entities are mentioned in the curricula, and there are 11 979 curricula available for consultation on the platform.

These results are also the result of the various sessions of dissemination and presentation of the platform held by the team CIÊNCIA VITAE. In the last 12 months, 59 presentation sessions were held (32 webinars + 27 roadshows) in 13 cities, with a total of 1 333 participants and 111 entities involved.

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