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Production of high quality audiovisual content

Whether for video production or audio capture, the Studio offers the community using the RCTS network a space with advanced equipment for the production of multimedia content of educational, scientific, cultural or artistic nature.

This space enables the production of content for e-Learning projects, MOOCs, live or delayed webinars, photography sessions, product demonstrations, recording of radio and television programs, Podcasts or e-Papers.

Who is it intended for?

Institutions can join the RCTS IP service:

About the Studio

The Studio offers you:

  • Professional studio with Broadcast quality;
  • 80m2 studio with Chroma Key;
  • Virtual scenography;
  • Three professional video cameras (4K);
  • Teleprompter;
  • Lighting;
  • Video and audio capture and mixing;
  • Specialized technical support;
  • Integration with other services: videoconference, videocast, educast and digital video archive.

What else can you count on?

  • Video Bank: A web portal where the video production community can archive their raw footage, video and photography assets. Take advantage of this redundant infrastructure that will preserve your content, allowing you to later search and reuse it in new content.
  • Equipment loan: If you have a special event, need professional help and your institution hasn't been able to provide the support you need, contact us. FCCN can lend equipment and specialized technical support in the video area.
  • Event support: The Studio team has the capability to provide support for special events, namely in the travel of technicians to support equipment installation; purchase decision support; equipment rental and specialized training to technical teams.

Terms of Use

Consult the conditions of use of the service.

If your entity is part of the academic or scientific community and is not yet connected to the RCTS Network, see here how to join and be able to use the Studio.



For a first use it is very important to visit the Studio facilities.

During this first visit, a kick-off meeting will be held, at which the FCT|FCCN team will present the work they have done and the basic script for the video production.

All additional content, such as music or pictures, which are copyrighted, are the responsibility of the user of the studio.

Normal opening hours: from 10h00 to 17h00

Know the rules of use and make your reservation after checking availability in the calendar.

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Want to know more information about this service? Contact us!

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We request the inclusion of a cell phone number for reasons of agility in scheduling and un-scheduling recordings and for better management of the studio's schedule.


(+351) 218 440 100


Av. do Brasil, nr. 101
(Campus do LNEC)
1700-066 Lisboa