NAU Advanced Tools

FAN financing 1 FCCN Computation Unit

Project identification

Acronym: FAN
Project Title: Advanced Tools NAU
Project No. POCI-05-5762-FSE-000266
Title: SATDAP - Capacity Building in Public Administration
Operational Programme: Competitiveness and Internationalisation Programme
Type of Intervention: European Social Fund (ESF)
Start Date : 01-10-2020
End Date : 30-09-2022
Approved Amount : 960.000 €
Value executed on 31/12/2020: 27.110 €

What is it?

The FAN - Advanced NAU Tools project consists in the future provision of tools, services and documentation for the NAU Platform.

The NAU Community will have available, until the end of 2022, online assessment tools, the inclusion of an artificial intelligence chatbot, the availability of an Anti-plagiarism tool, more robust certificates from the security point of view, the integration of collaboration tools via LTI(Learning Tools Interoperability), the course promoters will have access to more complex reporting and analytical tools; limit the enrolments in courses through exclusive authentication processes and finally, they will also be able to have private training instances.

Who is it intended for?

This project seeks to respond to and support a survey conducted with the NAU community, providing the platform with tools better suited to their needs. Any entity that is part of NAU can benefit from these improvements.


The NAU platform is a service developed and managed by the FCCN Unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) that allows the creation of courses in MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) format, i.e. courses that are open and accessible to all, produced by recognized and relevant entities in society, with the participation of thousands of people.

This platform is part of the transversal actions of the Portugal INCoDe.2030 initiative by promoting digital development, digital inclusion and literacy, education and qualification of the active population. INCoDe.2030 finds in the NAU a tool that contributes to greater access to knowledge and to the development of skills, making the population more qualified.

It is also framed within the action plan Portugal Digitaldesigned to be the engine of transformation of the country, through the digital empowerment of Citizens, the digital transformation of Companies and the digitalisation of the State.


DescriptionMetricNo orGoal
E-Assessment InstitutionsUnits300
E-Assessment InstitutionsEvaluations7200
Home E-AssessmentHome e-assessments5000
IA - Anti-plagiarismEvaluated submissions5000
IA - Anti-plagiarismService SLAuptime99,90%
AI - ChatbotInteractions10000
Secure CertificatesCertificates issued under this mechanism10000

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