The Ecosystem Talks podcast is a new initiative from the Tec Lab of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and is being produced at Estúdio FCCN. Rita Tomé Rocha tells us all about this initiative, also describing the experience of using this structure FCCN.  

A total of 20 episodes, recorded since the beginning of 2023 at Estúdio FCCN, are part of the first season of the Ecosystem Talks podcast. The initiative came from Tec Lab - the incubator and innovation and entrepreneurship area of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.  

During the last recordings at Estúdio FCCN, Rita Tomé Rocha, who is responsible for the initiative, answered some questions about this new podcast.  

What was the background to the creation of this podcast?  

The podcast came about because we identified that, in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, there was a need for content that, through conversations, gave a voice to the various players in this ecosystem.  

There was little content created about incubators, transformers, technology offices, financing structures, agencies that support internationalization and even companies: all these entities are the pieces that make the ecosystem move.  

The basic premise of the podcast is to look at these people, find out their opinions on the ecosystem and what we can improve for the future.   

Which guests took part in this first season of Ecosystem Talks? 

This season, we welcomed investors and entrepreneurs, people from incubators, technology offices and companies like Startup Portugal, AICEP, among many others.  

Do you think the FCCN studio is meeting the needs of the podcast?  

More than responding. We set the initiative in motion right from the start. This year, we've come several times to record and I have nothing but good things to say about all those experiences.  

The studio is of extraordinary quality and the team is extraordinary too, providing all the support they can.  

Also, the process of booking and getting a place is very simple and agile and, in this sense, it has a structure that has spectacular conditions and which I believe more and more people will want to use.  

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