Three higher education students share why FCCN helps them on a daily basis, putting technology at the service of knowledge.  
SaraSantos fccn FCCN Computing Unit

"I use b-on, an online library that allows me to search for all kinds of scientific articles. This possibility has had an impact on my academic career by facilitating the process of searching for new articles for my dissertation." 

Sara Santos, 21, Degree in Human Relations and Organizational Communication 

RaquelRocha fccn FCCN Computing Unit

"I used RCAAP throughout my master's dissertation. The great added value is that I was able to find all the information condensed in a single repository and, instead of searching through various sources, I have access to everything I need. This has made it much easier to create my dissertation, making the process more efficient." 

Raquel Rocha, 22, Master in Strategic Communication 

AlexandraCosta fccn FCCN Computing Unit

" eduroam had an impact on my academic career, since I was able to access the Internet anywhere in the country, at any higher education institution, to work and be in contact with my colleagues, for example." 

Alexandra Costa, 21, Master in Communication Design 

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