Ana Pinto, Director of the Networks Service at FCCN, has been elected to the GÉANT Board of Directors. GÉANT is the European organization with which the NRENs(National Research and Education Networks) and counterparts of the FCCN unit are linked, in order to project international collaboration initiatives in the field of research and services for the academic and scientific community.

GÉANT is an extension of the national research and education networks connected to it and, as such, is also a major destination for communications via RCTS. By interconnecting Europe's NRENs, GÉANT plays a pivotal role as an accelerator in European research and is thus an exponential driver of knowledge sharing. Without this network there would be a crippling digital divide for key national and international innovation, research and education actors.

GÉANT's Board of Directors is the governing and administrative body of the organization and is elected by GÉANT's highest decision-making body - the General Assembly - which is composed of representatives from the various member organizations.

With over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, network engineering and strategic planning, Ana Pinto has been involved in international projects connected to the research community. Since March 2019, Ana Pinto provides technical advice on the GÉANT network infrastructure, under the GN4-3N project.

At FCCN , Ana Pinto is responsible for the connectivity services of RCTS - Rede Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade (Science, Technology and Society Network), for GigaPIX - Neutral Exchange Point for Internet traffic in Portugal, for eduroam mobility services and also for identity management and federated access services (RCTSaai).

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