In 2022, the FCCN studio was refurbished and an acoustically-treated voice-over booth was integrated, allowing voice content to be recorded in a controlled space and with professional quality. Since then, this service has been used to record several podcasts. The person in charge of this structure, João Santos, tells us all about this type of work, detailing the support provided by the FCCN team.  

Joao Santos responsible for FCCN study FCCN Computing Unit
What kind of support is given to those who come to record content such as podcasts at Estúdio FCCN? 

The support begins even before we go into the studio. There's a conversation beforehand, to understand how people want to record. Since we do everything live, we want the recording to be as faithful as possible to what is going to be published. Before we start recording, we also do some preparation, where we help with the positioning of the microphones, voice placement and other technical aspects

Once the recording has been made, we do all the sound mastering, compression and, if necessary, editing - everything so that the content is of the highest possible quality. This way, you leave the studio with a file ready to publish on the various platforms - the final product of the podcast.  

What added value does the studio have for this type of work? 

Recently, we did some work and integrated a Sound Boothas well as new microphones with high recording quality. We also use the latest tools, which means that the studio is very well prepared and optimized for recording. The studio has good acoustics, which is essential for understanding how the sound will be transmitted to other devices, such as cell phones, computers or cars.  

Joao Santos editing room FCCN Computing Unit
There are several podcast recording experiences in the Studio FCCN?  

Yes, we record various podcasts, both internal to FCCN and external, such as "Tell Me Your Password", "Ecosystem Talks" or "Tea of the Day". We often record voice-overs for formats such as videos, phone calls and radio spots .  

Do you think this audio format will continue to grow?  

When we created the voice-over booth, we started to receive a lot of requests - there was even a big increase in demand. Now, I believe it's more stabilized and in a more consolidated phase.  

We now have institutions working with us to record podcasts on a regular basis, and others are joining us all the time, which means that this service continues to grow in popularity. 

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