In a new FCCN Minute, Filipa Pereira, Research Data Manager, introduces us to Polen - a project developed by the FCCN Unit with the aim of meeting the needs of the scientific and educational community in the area of Research Data Management (RDM). This new project already has its own website.

FCCN's Scientific Knowledge Area has continued to develop tools and mechanisms for a more open and transparent science.

In the context of digital transformation, there has been a growing importance of research data. This greater preponderance also results from the focus on Open Science policies that ensure the availability of the results of scientific production, including research data. In this sense, the Foundation for Science and Technology is in the process of publishing a policy for the management and sharing of research data, with principles and requirements aligned with the current research context. 

Polen aims to promote the principles and practice of Open Science, ensuring the sharing and preservation of research data generated under publicly funded projects. It also aims to promote an alignment of the most relevant national and international initiatives in the area of GDI and Open Science. Conducting communication and training activities, promoting data management in line with the principles of Open Science, is another priority of the project. 

We invite you to visit and browse a bit on the project's website at to learn more about Polen.


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