Training created by Turismo de Portugal arrived at the NAU platform on 1 December.

"Wine tasting goes far beyond simply consuming the drink", stresses Turismo de Portugal, in the presentation of its first course published on the NAU platform. "Initiation to Wine Tasting" is available since December 1. The training is completely free and marks the beginning of the collaboration between the two entities for the production of training content.

In the course description, Turismo de Portugal highlights that, through this training, it is possible to "acquire skills/competences in initial training, but also continuous training, with a view to personal development". In addition to the characteristics of tasting, it is also possible to learn more about various types of wine and how they should be served.

The manager of the NAU Project, Pedro Barbosa Cabral, stresses that the opening of this course, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, shows how this platform's training can focus on "the most diverse topics and arouse interest in various sections of society". "The NAU is a vehicle for dissemination that contributes to greater access to knowledge and development of skills that allow the comprehensive qualification of its users, in the most diverse themes," he adds.

"Initiation to Wine Tasting" is aimed at professionals in the sector, students and the general public who are interested in knowing more about this area. The course has a total duration of about 2.5 hours.

Managed by the National Scientific Computing Unit (FCCN) of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), the NAU - Sempre a Aprender platform provides access to online courses for large audiences in MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) format. The training courses are diverse and range from courses in the area of Health, Cyberbulling, Personal Data Protection or Education for Sustainability.

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