Articles by Paulo Lopes

High-speed Internet to accelerate knowledge

Connectivity Knowledge

Written by João Nuno Ferreira - 24 November 2023

Networks play a fundamental role in science and academia. They connect teaching and research institutions and provide digital services that help researchers and students. read more

SIP TRUNK - The telephone channel over IP

Written by Fábio Cosme - 31 October 2023

In the RCTS VoIP network, the term SIP Trunk is often used to refer to the interconnection of our VoIP equipment with operators. read more

Malware attack by e-mail. What it is and how to protect yourself.


Written by João Machado - 19 October 2023

It is crucial to know the threats that can attack your organization and how to mitigate them. One such threat is malware, which often infiltrates organizations through seemingly harmless emails. read more

"RCAAP plays an important role in achieving the goals of the Open Science movement" 


Written by Paulo Lopes - 30 May 2023

The manager of RCAAP, Paulo Lopes, tells us all about the main steps taken by this service from FCCN which, in 2022, registered more than 25 million downloads. read more

" INDEXAR aims to promote access to knowledge"


Written by Paulo Lopes - February 10, 2023

The activity manager of the FCCN Unit, Paulo Lopes, explains all about the relevance of one of our newest services, INDEXAR. read more

Open Science promotes open minds and free access to knowledge


Written by Paulo Lopes - 27 July 2021

The Manager of RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal, Paulo Lopes, highlights the importance of the application of Open Science principles for the development of society, highlighting the efforts made by FCT's FCCN Unit in this area: "FCT is committed to the principles of Open Science". read more