Articles by Filipa Macieira

12 steps to safe online shopping


Written by Filipa Macieira - 24 November 2022

Follow the 12 steps that Filipa Macieira from FCCN's Cybersecurity Service recommends and shop online safely. read more

2FA - Two-factor authentication: what it is and why to use it


Written by Filipa Macieira - 08 July 2022

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the authentication process in which two of three possible authentication factors are combined. read more

What is Phishing?


Written by Filipa Macieira - 25 May 2022

Phishing is sending a fraudulent email in bulk, hoping that some people will open it and do something about it. It is based on the premise that most people will open the email, without suspecting that it is fraudulent. read more