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COLIBRI is a collaboration service that allows to hold meetings remotely between two or more participants in the academic and scientific community, facilitating meetings, workgroups, classes and tutorials over the Internet.

The service enables the sharing of the participants audio, video, text, images, white board and the computer screens. It includes a recording facility in order to record and play the sessions back afterwards.

FCCN provides support for the integration of this service with e-learning tools used by the institutions connected to RCTS.


Two versions of COLIBRI are available: Web Conference and Videoconference.

The Web Conference environment provides a rich collaboration environment in which document sharing and participant interaction is key.

The Videoconference environment provides sessions with higher video quality, in which interoperability with traditional terminals is vital for the session.

The COLIBRI service is based on the Zoom platform and provides the following set of features:

  • videoconferencing with audio, video and chat;
  • screen sharing, documents and multimedia applications;
  • possibility of conection to H.323 terminals;
  • possibility to enrich sessions with multimedia content;
  • recording of sessions on your computer or in the cloud with the possibility of downloading;
  • multi-device (computers, tablets, smartphones, H.323 terminals);
  • multi-language (Portuguese and English);
  • exchange of messages between participants by instant messaging;
  • meetings up to 300 participants simultaneously;
  • real-time voting system.


COLIBRI is intended for teachers, researchers, students and employees associated with institutions connected to the academic and scientific community.

Access to the service is via  authentication integrated with RCTSaai.

The FCCN also provides videoconferencing services and infrastructure through RCTS integrated with the COLIBRI Service.

TejoHD and DouroHD ROOMS

The TejoHD and DouroHD rooms provide a high definition videoconferencing service with wide screen view, hi-fi surround sound and document sharing capabilities in an intuitive and immersive environment.



E-mail: colibri@fccn.pt
Phone: +351 21 844 01 00
Fax: +351 21 847 21 67





Campus do Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, LNEC

Av. do Brasil n.º 101, 1700-066 LISBOA, Portugal
Apartado 50435, 1708-001 Lisboa, Portugal



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