Online collaboration is essential for students, teachers and researchers to obtain and disseminate more knowledge.  

The importance of online collaboration has been particularly evident during the Covid-19 pandemic. Between March and June 2020, FCT's videoconferencing service, through the unit FCCN, - Colibri - recorded a 3423% increase in the number of meetings held, surpassing the mark of one million online classes. 

The great demand for the service was due to the fact that it allows videoconferences with a capacity of 300 participants/session. In this way, it has become an essential support for distance learning, guaranteeing the continuation of teaching activities and bringing professionals together during teleworking.  

The relevance of online collaboration in Higher Education is not limited to the exceptional context caused by the pandemic. Every day, all over the country, thousands of students, teachers and researchers collaborate using the services FCCN. As well as communicating via Colibri, they can, for example, send large files via Filesender or attend virtual events using Videocast. 

However, in addition to the more practical dimension of this activity - facilitating the creation and sharing of knowledge, whether in an intra- or inter-institutional context - there are other advantages to collaboration. First and foremost, it is a way of stimulating the sharing of good practices, case studies and new solutions. Knowledge of other institutional realities and of different solutions to shared problems is particularly important for increasing the resilience of teaching and research communities.  

On the other hand, using collaborative solutions also guarantees the strengthening of specific skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and other soft skills.

The FCCN services, which are based on collaboration, enable the teaching and research community to hold videoconferences, webinars and multimedia content production. Find out about all the FCCN services in this area here.  

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