Latest webinar on digital skills for the media will take place on June 1st and closes a cycle of four free training courses held in partnership with the Aveiro Media Competence Center (AMCC).  

Aiming to develop digital skills to solve problems caused by the disappearance of digital information, gaining competitive advantage in the production of unique and exclusive content, and Aveiro Media Competence Center have been promoting, since March, a cycle of free webinars.  

On its website, explains that this collaboration with the AMCC is materialized in a training program of four webinars entitled " Digital Skills for Media". The AMCC will award an honorable mention to the work done on Portuguese centenary newspapers, within the scope of the Award 2023.  

These trainings were topics such as tools for searching information from the past, good publishing and preservation practices, or the automatic processing of preserved information through APIs.

The last webinar of this cycle will take place on June 1st, starting at 2:30pm, with the theme "Archiving the Web: DIY!".Registration is open and can be done online.  

You can learn more about the trainings included in this cycle, consulting the shared materials, by visiting the website. webinars FCCN Computation Unit

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