On July 7th, the prizes were awarded to the winners of the 2023 edition of the Arquivo.pt Prize.

The Science 2023 Meeting, at the University of Aveiro, was the stage for the presentation of prizes to the winners of the 2023 edition of the Arquivo.pt Prize. The initiative aims to distinguish works whose source was the collection of Arquivo.pt - a public, free and open-access service that allows you to search and access web pages archived since 1996.

This year, the competition received 40 entries, from which the top three were chosen, along with two honorable mentions awarded by the Público newspaper and the Aveiro Media Competence Center.

1st place
The prize, worth 10 thousand euros, went to the work "Traveling in time on rails", developed by Antero Pires, Carlos Cipriano, Diogo Ferreira Nunes and Ruben Martins. It is an online platform that analyzes and presents the evolution of train travel times in Portugal, based on the timetables preserved in Arquivo.pt.

2nd place
The project "Representativeness of women artists in the national press" was awarded a prize of 3 thousand euros. The work by Cláudia Sevivas and Miguel Boavida resulted in the website Existo, which provides information about Portuguese women artists and refers to the web pages where they were mentioned over time. This project is based on an analysis of their representation and visibility that allows several readings.

3rd place
"Political Memory" was the third place and received a prize of 2 thousand euros. Developed by Miguel Lopes, Maria Carneiro and João Andrade, this project gave rise to a web application that processes and presents information taken from the web pages of the political parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic, archived by Arquivo.pt.

Honorable Mentions
Público's honorable mention went to the "Fábrica do Jornal" project, which allows us to generate a personalized newspaper from news preserved on Arquivo.pt, and obtain a version that you can print or save in digital format.

The Aveiro Media Competence Center (AMCC) awarded its honorable mention to Diogo Sousa's work "Imaginarium", a web application that searches for images based on similarities with other images.

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