After a first collection of eight episodes, the FCCN Minute, an item that details, in one minute, concepts and projects related to the FCCN universe is back. The first video is led by's manager, Daniel Gomes. 

"What is" is the first answer provided by the new set of episodes of the FCCN Minute. After a total of eight videos were published in 2021, a new collection is now inaugurated with the publication of a video starring the manager of, Daniel Gomes. 

"Did you know that you can travel through the Internet's past?", Daniel Gomes begins by asking, stressing the importance of the work done by this service of the FCCN Unit, taking into account that 80% of Internet pages disappear or are changed in the space of just one year. 

Over the next few months, five additional videos will be shared, addressing topics such as research data, tools to support science production, digital repositories or the national education and research network. You can follow the FCCN Minute through the social networks of the FCCN Unit, using the hashtag #MinutoFCCN. 

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