During the month of July, the NAU Platform inaugurated the NAU Talks section. The initiative consists of a series of interviews with NAU partner entities. The Director-General of Education was the first guest. 

"A journey behind the scenes of the NAU Platform, from the starting idea to the execution of each training". This is how NAU describes its latest feature. NAU Talks consist of interviews with partner entities, who share their reasons for joining NAU, as well as their experience and some best practices in using the platform. 

The first episode features the participation of the Director-General of Education, José Vítor Pedroso, for a conversation about the promotion of Open, Massive and Online Courses (MOOC). The guest tellsus more about the influence of the use of the NAU Platform in the DGE's strategy andtalks about the added value of the application of IT in teaching methods.

"DGE has been producing MOOCs since 2017," begins José Vitor Pedroso, explaining that the possibility of joining the NAU was "a great advance". " It allowed us to work with a professional structure, with quality technical resources," he adds: "It was a response to a need we already felt .

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The DGE is one of the entities with the largest number of courses promoted on the NAU platform. The conversation with the Director General of Education also covered the main objectives of this bet. " The vast majority of the courses created are aimed at teachers - from pre-school to secondary education - without excluding all the other professionals who work in schools, all human resources in Education," he explained. 

NAU Talks will continue throughout 2022 to showcase the full NAU community experience. Learn more about NAU Talks.

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