The FF4EuroHPC project has published a booklet that brings together success stories on the use of advanced or high-performance computing technologies by businesses. 

A total of 16 examples of companies that have used or are using high-performance solutions are shared by the EuroHPC project in theFF4EuroHPC Success Stories booklet . This publication brings together use cases in areas as diverse as health, management, physics or artificial intelligence. The variety of the companies represented is not limited to the area of activity, but also to the country of origin - a total of eight countries represented - as well as the size. 

The first example shared, for example, is that of two Montenegrin SMEs operating in the agri-food sector that use data analysis to control the development of productions. "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can be used to monitor parameters," explains the publication: "However, using traditional computers was extremely slow and tedious." The use of High Performance Computing technologies has solved this problem. 

The creation of navigation systems based on Advanced Computing to find marine litter, the support in the development of new drugs or the optimization of the modeling process of aeronautical components are just other examples shared as success stories. 

The FF4EuroHPC project is a European initiative that aims to facilitate access to these technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises. "In this way, we aim to increase the innovation potential of European industry," the project explains on its website. The initiative is founded by the European Commission and coordinated by the University of Stuttgart. 

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