The fundamental role of archives in society is highlighted today, June 9, on International Archives Day. On this date, we recall the impact of the Prize.  

The first edition of the Award was held in 2018. Since then, over the course of five editions, this award has honored 15 research projects that use the information preserved by this Unity service FCCN. In total, €75,000 in prizes were awarded.  

The aim of the Prize is to reward innovative work that the research and access services made publicly available by and clearly demonstrate the usefulness of the service.  

Having as the primary source of information is the only criterion, and there is no restriction in terms of theme. Throughout the various editions, works focusing on fields such as Education, History, Sociology, Communication, Health or Information Technology, for example, have already been distinguished. "For us, it's very good to see such a diversified use of, in the most diverse areas", underlined the manager of, Daniel Gomes.   

On International Archives Day, learn about the works that have won 1st prize over the past five years.  


Tell Me Stories 

The work "Tell Me Stories" was created by the team led by Ricardo Campos and with Arian Pasquali, Vítor Mangaravite, Alípio Jorge and Adam Jatowt. This online service uses 24 electronic news sources (newspapers and national portals), offering the user a temporal narrative from news about any subject (e.g. Troika in Portugal). The results obtained can be explored using a timeline and the set of relevant words within the search topic. 

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"Tell Me Stories" is a mobile application that simulates the Portuguese Parliament, inviting every citizen to play the role of a deputy. The app simulates the Portuguese Parliament plenary and allows citizens to know and vote on the legislative proposals presented in the Portuguese Parliament more than a decade ago, finding out which parties have an opinion closer to their own. The work was created by Nuno Moniz, Arian Pasquali, Tomás Amaro.  

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"Tell Me Stories" 


Developed by Miguel Ramalho, "Desarquivo" is a website that allows searching for entities (e.g. people, organizations and places) and identifying relationships between them, from the news published in online newspapers over time. The search results are presented in the form of a graph or network of relationships that allows a journalist, researcher or any other citizen to dynamically explore the relationships between historical information preserved on the Web by 

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Major Minors 

Developed by Paulo Martins and Leandro Costa, "Major Minors" is an Ontology of press clippings from Portuguese newspapers with reference to social minorities. This work aims to map and study the representation of minorities in Portuguese journalistic context over the first two decades of the 21st century. For example, a user can view archived news articles that reference minorities. 

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Parliamentary Archives 

The winner of the 2022 edition of the Prize was the work "Arquivo do Parlamento" developed by Tiago Santos. "Arquivo do Parlamento" is a Web application that aggregates news and opinion articles extracted from Arquivo. pt based on's open data. For example, a user can search about a political personality and get speeches, news and other publications that has preserved. 

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