On International Education Day (January 24), we remember the contribution of technology to this sector. A Foundation for Science and Technologythrough the unity FCCNunit, is aligned with this movement, bringing technological solutions to education in Portugal. Get to know some of them.

#1 NAU Platform

NAU is a platform aligned with the future of education, driving a greater technological dimension in teaching. Through this service, thousands of people continue to gain skills and knowledge every day, from different locations and at any time, by taking Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). 

According to McKinsey, by 2021, a total of 220 million people had already completed a MOOC. Similarly, according to Yahoo Finance, the market value of MOOCs is expected to increase very significantly between 2022 and 2030, from around 28 billion to 366 billion. These are figures that position open, massive and online courses at the forefront of educational innovation - a movement of which the NAU Platform is a part. Since its creation in 2019, this service from the FCCN unit has already made more than 200 courses available to its users.

NAU's growth trajectory illustrates its alignment with the future of education. 2023 was the year of the platform's greatest ever growth. In addition to 93,000 certificates issued and 64 new courses, it had more than 200,000 registrations for its training courses, representing a growth of almost 35% on the previous year.Throughout 2024, NAU will continue to bring you new free online training courses, suitable for various profiles and interests. Visit the training offer and find the ideal learning opportunity for you.

#2 Educast

In line with the technological innovation that characterizes the education sector, Educast has presented several new features over the last few years. Following the launch of a new HTML5 editor and a new landing page, several improvements have been made to accessibility and usability. 

Educast is the FCCN video management service for simple recording and distribution of teaching content, such as lectures or presentations. This makes it the ideal tool for all students and teachers who want to record, share or disseminate their academic work in video format. On the other hand, through this platform it is also possible for anyone to find relevant information on areas as varied as Science, Humanities, Law or Health

#3 RCAAP and b-on

One of the main trends shaping the future of education is the Open Science movement. This is because this concept is based on a set of principles that aim, as the name suggests, to guarantee the openness of research results, facilitating their access to students, teachers and scientists, through online and technological solutions. According to the European Commission, "Open Science aims to make research more open, global, collaborative, creative and close to society".

The activity of the FCCN unit includes, among others, two digital services that are the main drivers of Open Science in Portugal: the Online Knowledge Library (b-on) and RCAAP (Open Access Scientific Repositories in Portugal). These two projects are the greatest allies of students, teachers and researchers when it comes to finding information for academic work or scientific research.

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